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 Our names are Shannon and Nimbe and we are doing our Girl Scout Silver Award on the issue of violence in our community.  We do not believe in violence. That's what made this project come to life. We have grown up in a world where all our media has been full of sadness and pain. We look at this world and discover that all the world's violence has not just effected the adults, but the children as well. We are not safe anywhere; not at schools, stores, not even churches. That's why we decided that it was an obligation of ours to spread the word and try to make it so we can be safe in those places we used to feel safe in.

Some people look to violence to help them take care of their anger while the ones who are innocent have to pay the price. As Girl Scouts we feel that children have especially payed the price and are looking for a better future. We have seen what the world is like but yet we still strive on looking and praying that we soon will feel safe again. During the week of March 18- 22 we will be sharing the word of peace with the others in our community. That week is the Youth Non- Violence Prevention Week. We will tell others the stories of those we know. We will remind others about the tragedies of the past. That will open the door to the next step which is create a place where we can feel safe. We will work hard to open a place where others can come to just sit and reflect. We will create and open a peace garden in our community. Join us and spread the word of this special week.

Do You Believe?

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