Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Facebook Depression and Cyberbullying Another Form of Violence

    Facebook is a social website used to connect with friends and family. You can chat with others and enjoy games while on the site. Unfortunately, doctors say "Facebook Depression" is caused by teens' addiction to the site. Facebook pages can make some kids feel worse if they feel they don't measure up to the others on the site. Facebook can  provide a skewed view of whats going on. A student may sit alone in the school cafeteria, yet online have a great social life and say that everything's okay. Like texting, on Facebook you don't see how others react or feel. Facebook may be a good way to talk to friends, but it's just another way for teens to experience cyberbullying. Doctors push parents to talk to their children about cyberbullying, Facebook Depression, and other online risks. Let's try to stop all these popularity contests that come with Facebook.

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  1. If someone starts to bully you on Facebook sign off and tell a trusted adult right away. If you see a friend posting sad messages or threatening messages tell a trusted adult right away. Facebook is intended to provide a positive experience.