Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Girls or Boys?

  Lately we were thinking who's bullied more girls or boys, and how do the certain genders differ in bulling style. Since girls prefer to hang out with peers they create a clique formed around a leader. In that so to speak clique they are more likely to use a form of verbal bullying. They will create rumors and verbally harass the girl or group to show that she is unwelcome.  The girl or leader may bully the excluded girl because she feels that the other girl is competition or does not reach her standards. Boys will bully in a whole other way that is more physical. Boys are more than likely to physically hurt the other kid as well as verbally at all educational levels, yet girls bully more at higher ages.
   Even though there are bullying differences between boys and girls the effects are the same. Boys and girls who are bullied may not be able to concentrate on school work, eat less, sleep less, or even consider suicide. This could be prevented if those who are bullied didn't believe that telling someone that they are being bullied would have negative effects other than positive.
  It's not just the ones who are bullied who face the negative effects of bullying. The bully may face the effects of bullying in their future. If they are not taught that bullying is wrong they may be aggressive to others as they age. They may use aggression on their own children continuing the cycle. Studies have proven that girls who were involved in bullying at young ages may experience depression, attempt suicide, or develop eating disorder.


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